Bucetas e Bundas

1. | 2 Jul 2015 - 10:27

Ya learn soinmhteg new everyday. It's true I guess!

2. | 3 Jul 2015 - 17:08

This song is fie!! I like how you get on any beat and kill it. This off topic but I want Diamond, Missy Elliot, Eve, Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, and Trina all on the same song. But anyway keep up the good work Diamond, I fucks wit you, you stay on ya grind and <a href="http://tgogcknhp.com">thuohguort</a> the bullshit you held ya head high and I saw the interview on youtube when they asked you why you weren't doing LAHH. I love the answer you gave. Very classy and poised. I think you made the right decision, and I can't wait for The Young Life!! Know its gone be fie!!

3. | 4 Jul 2015 - 00:39

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4. | 5 Jul 2015 - 20:35

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5. | 7 Jul 2015 - 15:08

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